5 Components Of A Well Tailored Mens suit

September 19, 2017


5 Components Of A Well Tailored Mens suit

A well tailored men's suit defines a man. It’s not just a style statement but rather a way of life that tells a story on its own. Some might even argue that it defines how successful a man would be and how far they would go up the corporate ladder.

Your style should match your ambition

Even when corporate fashion was not such a popular thing, mens designer suits were a big thing. It represented a class of men that separated itself from the rest. Something that has remained an uncrossable bridge - since forever.

There are many types of suits for men. But what makes a suit perfect? Is it the fabric? Is it the wool? Is it the color? Is it an innovative way of suit making? What makes a well tailored men's suit so perfect that leaves many onlookers in awe.

I am here to tell you that a perfect suit is much more than that. It’s a combination of a few things that amalgamate together to create a picture that is adored and respected by many all over the world.

As we’re a fashion brand dedicated to providing men with a different class, we offer a wide variety of different suiting options. However, we’d also like to aware you all of the 5 key components that make a well tailored men’s suit.

1 - Fabric


The first most important component of a men’s designer suit is the fabric it’s made from. There are many different fabrics that you can choose from, however, it’s important that choose a fabric that you’re comfortable with.

A wise choice is to ask your tailor to recommend a fabric that is best suited to the environment you’re going to be using the suit in.


2 - Construction

The second most important component of a well tailored suit is how the suit is being constructed. You might have heard about half canvas or full canvas options provided by many tailors.

Some might often offer a fused option of the two - which is not suitable for all men. It purely depends upon who is getting the suit made. If you’re comfortable with a half canvas, you should opt for that.

3 - Trimmings

A well tailored or a well constructed suit is nothing without the detailing that’s being put into it. The lining has to be of the best quality silk which is of the utmost importance if you want your suits fabric to give you the best look.

It is not recommended that a well tailored suit is ruined by polyester lining - which compromises on the breathability and the diversity of other lining options.


4 - Fitting


I think this one should be understood without saying anything. A well made suit of the finest fabric with impeccable detailing would be of no value if it does not have the right fit - according to your body.

So whenever you’re getting a suit made, it’s always a good choice to ask questions. You should be aware of how the suit is being constructed and how the fitting is going to be. A good tailor would explain it to you with rather ease.

5 - Service


All of the things that I have mentioned above won’t matter for much if you’re not getting the kind of service you deserve. To bring a well tailored men’s suit together, it takes passion and knowledge of the tailor.

If your tailor is providing you with the best of service, the final product is surely bound to be P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

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